API Design 201: Web API Architectural Styles

Generally speaking, the term “Web API” describes any software interface that is exposed over the Web using the HTTP protocol in order to facilitate application development (but not limited to any particular message format, pattern or implementation). In this lesson, we provide a detailed overview of the main Web API design styles: Tunneling (aka Web Service); […]

API Strategy 201: Private APIs vs. Open APIs

One of the key considerations that should guide both your API business strategy and your interface architecture is the distinction between open and private APIs. An interface is defined as open or private depending on whether it targets external or in-house developers. In this lesson, we explain the distinction in detail and explore ways it […]

API Strategy 102: The Business Value of APIs

APIs are not just created to meet a technical requirements and API publishing is not merely a technical challenge. Every API is published with specific business aims in mind and API program managers must ensure these aims drive the interface design process. This lesson provides an overview of key drivers behind API programs and how […]

API Strategy 101: What is an API?

API publishing is becoming a pressing technology concern for an ever-wider range of organizations. More and more companies and public sector agencies want to realize the business value of APIs but many decision makers lack a basic understanding of the technology behind APIs. In this lesson, we provide an overview of what APIs are and […]

Client-Optimized Resource Representations in APIs

Create tiered representations of responses to optimize your API for mobile clients One of the most important design principles for an API program is to embrace that APIs are products. It follows that successful APIs, much like products, must provide user-optimized experiences. Case in point: it is clearly inappropriate to send large response payloads to a […]

API360: An Introduction

In this video taken from the February 2015 API360 Summit in Dallas, Texas, API Academy Vice President Matt McLarty outlines the Academy’s multi-dimensional approach to API strategy, design and management. The API360 model covers every step necessary for an effective API program – from creating appropriate business tactics to designing durable API architecture to securing and managing APIs over […]

API360: APIs & IOT

In this video from the Dallas API360 Summit in February 2015, Holger Reinhardt takes an overview of the API landscape within the Internet of Things (IoT) – cutting through the hype to provide a grounding in the reality of IoT. His presentation explores the importance of APIs to IoT and introduces some theories about how connected devices will impact interface design.

API360: APIs are Your Best Products

In this presentation taken from the February 2015 Dallas API360 Summit, Irakli Nadareishvili defines the concept of “API-as-a-product” and explains how to effectively use product management techniques in an enterprise API program. It incorporates lessons learned from working in the field with some of the most exciting API providers.