Coordinating a Well-Rounded API Program

Creating a well-rounded API program requires coordination between stakeholders with different frames of reference The API Academy is committed to promoting a 360-degree approach to APIs – one that encompasses business strategy, interface design and long-term management. This approach doesn’t simply reflect the interests of the Academy’s experts or the range of services they offer. The fact […]

API Design Tutorial: The Interaction Model

API design can be daunting. With so many decisions to make and so many differing opinions available on interface design, it’s easy to feel frustrated by the process.  Even worse, it’s possible to follow bad advice and end up designing an API that developers hate using. That’s why we at the API Academy stress the importance of […]

The Art of Effective API Design

This presentation was recorded at the 2014 Nordic APIs Platform Summit in Stockholm. It is known that an API designer’s goal has evolved to a more developer-centric model. However, the design process has evolved at a slower pace, often resulting in an interface that under-delivers on the initial usability goal. Is there an opportunity to […]

TechTalk: Avoiding Data Silos Using Linked APIs

Practical problems that software architects on modern product teams face increasingly go far beyond the familiar. Case in point: “Big Data” doesn’t just mean petabytes of data or a data-set that doesn’t fit in a single large RDBMS, anymore. A “distributed system” doesn’t just mean a clever multi-tier architecture or even an AWS deployment happily […]