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About the API Academy

The Industry Authority for APIs and Microservices

Thought leadership and education from experts around the world, based on hundreds of major enterprise engagements

From financial services to government, healthcare, and transportation, our API experts have helped hundreds of organizations design, deploy and manage API programs that accelerate digital transformation while preserving scalability, security, and customer privacy.

Go beyond architecture to learn how successful API programs balance business requirements with cost, available team skills, resourcing, and organizational design.

Learn how to construct effective, high-performance APIs that can drive any digital experience without creating new latency, security, or privacy issues.

See why continuous API management features such as intelligent testing and monitoring are needed to support your next-generation applications and endpoints.

In association with our Integrated Cyber Defense colleagues at Symantec, no other organization has more experience in protecting APIs and microservices than we do.

Find out how your industry peers have been modernizing their legacy IT platforms with secure microservices and service mesh architectures.

Accelerate mobile, IoT, and 5G initiatives by learning how the underlying API infrastructure can make or break your digital experience delivery.

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API Strategy & Program Staff

Broomfield, CO

Carlsbad, CA

Kelowna, BC

North America Field Experts

Vancouver, BC

Raleigh, NC

Atlanta, GA

Chicago, IL

Toronto, ON

Jianna Chen

San Diego, CA

Ping Tan

Vancouver, BC

Jay MacDonald

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

South America Field Experts

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Europe Field Experts

Paris, France

Eduard Palomeras

Barcelona, Spain

London, UK

Ilir Bejko

Barcelona, Spain

Dublin, Ireland

Asia Pacific Field Experts

Paul Connor

Sydney, Australia

API Academy experts have helped leaders at hundreds of world-class enterprises improve and secure their next-generation architectures

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