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The API Academy provides expertise and best practices for the strategy, architecture, design and security of enterprise-grade APIs and microservices.

APIs & Microservices from the API Academy

APIs & Microservices

For over a decade, we’ve provided thought leadership to global organizations on designing APIs, implementing API security, and modernizing mission-critical systems with continuous API management and microservices.

Cloud Architectures from the API Academy

Cloud Architectures

We offer practical, field-tested guidance on how to use microservices and APIs to create service mesh patterns that optimize the security and scalability of multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premise IT infrastructures.

5G and IoT Applications from the API Academy

Digital Experiences

New 5G and IoT applications will demand unprecedented levels of API performance, security, and governance. Ask us how your peers are integrating APIs and Digital BizOps to get ready for the coming revolution.

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API Monitoring Across the API Lifecycle

Developers often can’t control API downtime, but they can certainly monitor for it. Yet, sending periodic pings to a service is only one of many ways to use API monitoring. To avoid common API headaches, you can apply monitoring principles across the entire API lifecycle, starting before you’ve written a single line of code. Design and Development: A

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TechTalk: Implementing an Enterprise GraphQL Server

GraphQL is undeniably gaining traction in the Enterprise. TechTalk hosts Bill and Aran were joined by Broadcom Technology Partner Arvata for an introduction to GraphQL and an exciting unveiling of Arvata’s innovation that enables gateways to function as an Enterprise GraphQL server and GraphQL proxy. Arvata demonstrated how easy it is to use their GraphQL technology with Layer7

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API Design Best Practices for Enterprises

Your API program will see more success with a thoughtful API design phase. Effort spent on architecture often returns as time saved during other phases of your project. These efficiencies add up across the hundreds or thousands of APIs you support. Your API design should be backed by your company’s strategy and focused on real use cases. By

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Gateway Secure Deployment Architecture

In today’s digital world, API gateways are often the first interaction of incoming requests from the outside world. In most scenarios, enterprises place the gateways in DMZ strategically to secure, protect and throttle their internal digital assets. Hence, security for these gateways becomes crucial and they need to be properly configured and hardened.  Whether it is a legacy

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Managing the Effect of Slow Back-end Systems

Introduction: API deployments need to maintain a stable network behaviour, with widely varying back end systems. In a previous article, I talked about the need to maintain user experience. In a Layer7  API Gateway based deployment, back end systems that have high latency have some very interesting side effects. To effectively manage a gateway in a production environment,

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Plan for a Better UX Under Load by Planning for Errors

Plan to scaleWhen planning for scale, every tool out there has individual capacity limits. Many can scale horizontally, and many scale vertically, but ALL of them cost time, money, or both to scale. Unbounded scaling is just not available for free. Even if the products in use attract no licenses fees, there are always costs: CPU, hosting, installation,

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