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Our third API Academy course: API Product Manager is out now! Learn how to make your APIs as easy as possible to consume by your core audience – the developers who

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How To Protect Your Web Applications from OWASP Top Ten (part two)

In my first blog on How to Protect Your Web Applications from OWASP Top Ten, I discussed both OWASP and the OWASP Top Ten project, as well as how a properly configured API management solution can protect you against the first five of these threats.  In this blog we’ll complete the Top Ten. A6 Security

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How To Protect Your Web Applications from OWASP Top Ten (part one)

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a non-profit foundation that works the improve the security of software through open-source projects.  One such project is outlining the ten most critical security concerns for application security, known as the OWASP Top Ten.  This two-part blog will take a look at each of these, and how

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How to Identify Your Organization’s API Landscape

Your company provides a lot of APIs to both external and internal consumers. Your API landscape is every API you’ve built, plus those in the early stages of design and development. Before you can make decisions within this landscape—such as which APIs are working well, which may need to be shelved, and which may need

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Six Health Checks for Your API

Organizations of all sizes depend on APIs to decrease time to market, achieve business goals, and connect important systems. In order to count on those APIs, they need to stay operational. You’ll want to consider the six health checks in this post to prevent issues and other interruptions. The first four are related to the

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Continuous Monitoring for API Reliability

Anyone building APIs should know how well they perform. Without a view into your API reliability, you’ll be gambling that everything works as expected. API consumers—internal collaborators, partners, or other external developers—will discover if your API breaks and let you know about it. Continuous Monitoring can help you uncover these issues proactively. Developers that use

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API Virtualization for Robust Testing

Testing is an essential part of software development. It’s similarly an important part of the API lifecycle and it helps developers discover errors in their APIs before it even gets to production. One of the most effective methods to test production-grade APIs is through API virtualization. In this article, I’ll briefly explain the concept of

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Microsurfaces: The Role of APIs in a Microservice Architecture
API-based communication is vital to delivering value in all aspects of a microservice architecture. Explore their relationship in this short introductory ebook.
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Microservice Architecture: Aligning Principles, Practices, and Culture
An award-winning, full-length ebook from O'Reilly and the API Academy that explains how microservices work, and what it means to build an application the microservices way.
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Securing Microservice APIs: Sustainable and Scalable Access Control
This essential ebook for technical practitioners proposes an API access control model that can be implemented to provide cohesive security over a network of microservices.
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