API Design

API Protection using In-memory Data Service

In today’s digital ecosystem, enterprises are monetizing their valuable digital assets byconverting and exposing them as APIs. While APIs are building blocks of a digitalecosystem, exposing them to the outside world effectively and securely is key for theirsuccess. This business strategy accomplishment (exchange of information and creatingan ecosystem, etc.,) is dependent on an API management […]

Apidays NYC 2022: Friends Don’t Let Friends Centralize Authorization Enforcement

Achieving an identity-centric security model is no small feat. The composable enterprise needs to be secured across multiple clouds, while providing end-users with delightful experiences, yet still maintain high levels of assurance. Oh yea… it has to scale too. This presentation shares lessons learned from our journey towards automating the distributed enforcement of access control rules, and how leveraging a symbiotic relationship between identity management and runtime API security infrastructure enables an identity mesh that spans across applications.

Three Questions for API Change Management

Adam’s latest blog discusses API Change management and how it allows us to create a process or a set of rules that shapes the way the API grows as more endpoints are added and as existing functionality changes. He then discusses the three factors to consider whenever making changes to an API.