A Demonstration of the Microservices Tool Chain

In this demonstration, taken from the API Academy Microservices Bootcamp at CA World 2015, Jay Thorne of CA Technologies and Irakli Nadareishvili demonstrate the new tools that can be used to deliver Microservices, including CA’s API Gateway product.

Jay Thorne

Jay Thorne

Jay Thorne is an Enterprise Technology Strategist with the Broadcom Layer7 API Management product family. In his 17 years in the API Management space, starting as the 7th employee of the Layer7 startup, he has been heavily involved in leading our product direction. As a Lead developer, development manager & director and chief architect, product management, and technology strategist, he has been helping leading edge companies with our products as the world of APIs evolved from SOA through REST and on to Microservices, mesh networking and beyond. In his spare time, Jay likes to play guitar and enjoy great food.

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