Anti-patterns in Microservices (Don’t Do These)

Microservices are a popular approach to software architecture that aim to break up monolithic code into maintainable chunks. These discrete chunks allow for continuous delivery of a service while developing on top of what is in production. That flexibility is exciting in an agile environment, but rushing into deploying your code as a suite of microservices can put you at risk of incorporating anti-patterns that may cause significant problems down the line. In this blog, Adam discusses four common pitfalls as you start building your own microservices. 

Istio and Mesh are a Microservices Deployment Framework

And Together, They Need to have Business Context The industry and our customers have expressed a great interest in Istio and service mesh over the past couple of months. I find this interesting because the tool represents the next evolutionary step, but is not without a few downsides. My focus in API management has sharpened […]

Microservice Architecture: Aligning Principles, Practices & Culture

Irakli Nadareishvili, Ronnie Mitra, Matt McLarty & Mike Amundsen Design and apply microservices to embrace continual change in the digital economy Microservice architecture is helping organizations embrace continual change. But how do you design and apply microservices effectively? This book from O’Reilly, written by API Academy experts, provides comprehensive guidance through eight chapters that take a deep dive into: […]

Microsurfaces: The Role of APIs in a Microservice Architecture

API Academy Adopting microservices and containers to improve agility and scale is the next big focus for many organizations. But where exactly do your API programs and your microservice initiatives meet? This eBook will help you: Define APIs vs. microservices and where APIs deliver value in a microservice architecture Apply API design thinking to your […]

Tutorial: The New Enterprise Topology

Learn how big data and mobile devices are redefining the topology of enterprise IT The three-tier topology popularized by Web applications is changing. Big Data and mobile devices are shifting the borders of enterprise IT and the API has become the new perimeter for organizations, exposing their business and data services for external consumption. This […]

Tutorial: 3 Common Web Architecture Styles

Learn about different styles for implementing Web solutions There is more than one way to implement a Web solution. This video: Identifies three common styles for the implementation of Web applications Describes the key features of these styles Asks the question “Which style best fits your needs?â€

A Design-based Approach to Microservices and APIs

Keynote talk from API World 2018 in San Jose, California Organizations around the world are transforming their core applications to expose microservices through APIs. The success of these efforts will depend less on the technologies themselves, and more on how well their deployment is aligned with the business goals of the organization. Join this session […]

Applying and Extending DHARMA

This post gives some practical examples of the DHARMA method for API Security in a Microservice Architecture, and also shares some opportunities for extending the model. This article shares concepts from the O’Reilly book Securing Microservice APIs. If you’re attending OSCON next week, Rob Wilson and Matt McLarty will be signing and giving away print copies during lunch […]

Securing Microservice APIs

Matt McLarty, Rob Wilson & Scott Morrison Sustainable and Scalable Access Control There are several techniques for controlling access to web APIs in microservice architectures, ranging from network controls to cryptographic methods and platform-based capabilities. This short ebook introduces an API access control model that you can implement on a single platform or across multiple […]