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Reactive Logic Overview

Reactive logic is your requirements entered as rules for your schema tables and views in Layer7 Live API Creator. These rules can include event rules, validation rules, and derivation rules. Live API Creator shares these rules across all resources that you explicitly define for your API and associates it with the row objects. This automatic sharing is a consequence of the resource/row mapping.

Reactive logic alleviates writing hundreds of lines of code, reducing it down to something more manageable, like several rules, rules that are transparent to business users and easy for API developers to maintain.

This short video examines the credit check validation rule that is included with the Demo sample API. This rule ensures that the credit limit is greater than the balance. This rule references attributes in the current row, previous values, and parent columns.

For more information about reactive logic, see the Layer7 Live API Creator documentation.

(blog written by Laura Carrubba)