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API Academy Hits a Birthday

As we approach the eighth anniversary of the founding of API Academy, I look back at the beginning and how far we’ve come.  From the very beginning, the original API Academy team focused on agnostic best practices for API strategy and design – creating TechTalks, videos, and blogs, as well as going out around the world to bring their best practice messages to enterprises around the world through API Academy Workshops – all of this as a service to the industry.

Over these eight years, we’ve continued to have a laser focus on best practices, while adding additional topics such as microservices architecture and principles, API and microservices security, and more recently, we’ve introduced how-to videos – short snippets designed to address common issues that enterprises need to address in their API management implementation.

As we enter our ninth year, we’ve taken a look at the API management industry and have asked ourselves what we can do to further help enterprises address their digital transformation journey.  And we realized it really loops back to the beginning – agnostic best practices for API strategy and design.  Regardless of the API management platform, regardless of the size of the enterprise, best practices at the beginning of their journey help Enterprise/Security Architects, developers, and business leaders implement proven techniques for better efficiencies and ROI in their digital success. 

And in the next few weeks, as kind of a birthday present to our readers, we’ll be announcing an online, virtual, and in-person solution to scale our best practices model to help organizations around the world build skills and excel in the application economy.

Stay tuned!