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5 OAuth Essentials for API Access Control

API Academy Create a framework to address the complex challenges associated with implementing OAuth There are a number of important access-related challenges for API publishers. However, deploying OAuth as an authorization mechanism for enterprise APIs raises challenges around scalability, correct usage and integration. To make matters worse, OAuth is not supported by existing infrastructure and…

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Microsurfaces: The Role of APIs in a Microservice Architecture

API Academy Adopting microservices and containers to improve agility and scale is the next big focus for many organizations. But where exactly do your API programs and your microservice initiatives meet? This eBook will help you: Define APIs vs. microservices and where APIs deliver value in a microservice architecture Apply API design thinking to your…

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Continuous API Management

Mehdi Medjaoui, Erik Wilde, Ronnie Mitra & Mike Amundsen Making the Right Decisions in an Evolving Landscape A lot of work is required to release an API, but the effort doesn’t always pay off. Overplanning before an API matures is a wasted investment, while underplanning can lead to disaster. This practical guide provides maturity models…

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InfoQ: Twelve Patterns for Hypermedia Microservices

Watch Academy Member Mike Amundsen’s talk titled Twelve Patterns for Hypermedia Microservices, delivered October 2017. In this talk, Mike shares how APIs can best evolve over time and client applications that can adapt to those changes without relying on explicit versioning systems.

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Microservices, APIs and Innovation: The Power of APIs

Explore the role APIs play in empowering teams and enabling organizations to innovate. API Academy member Mike Amundsen shares his observations about the role APIs play in empowering teams and organizations to craft stable, cost-effective solutions for a wide range of distribution channels. In this article, part two of a three part series (you can read part…

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InfoQ: REST-y Reader

The API Academy’s Mike Amundsen is regularly asked which books he would recommend for those who want to learn more about designing, implementing and maintaining Web APIs. In this article, Mike offers a shortlist of books he discovered as he was learning about APIs – many of which are still among the books he consults most regularly.

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InfoQ: Description, Discovery & Profiles – A Primer

Take a look at the key opportunities and challenges in the API description/discovery/profiles space Kicking off InfoQ’s The Next Level in Web APIs series, Mike Amundsen takes a look at key formats and vendors in the API description/discovery/profiles space then identifies the opportunities and challenges in this fast-moving portion of the Web API field.

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