5 OAuth Essentials for API Access Control

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Create a framework to address the complex challenges associated with implementing OAuth

There are a number of important access-related challenges for API publishers. However, deploying OAuth as an authorization mechanism for enterprise APIs raises challenges around scalability, correct usage and integration. To make matters worse, OAuth is not supported by existing infrastructure and is poorly understood by many enterprise architects.

In this eBook, we outline five key considerations for organizations that are thinking of using OAuth as a mechanism for controlling access to enterprise APIs. These considerations will give you the basic knowledge and framework you will need in order to address the complex challenges associated with implementing OAuth and managing an OAuth provider.

Gary Vermeulen

Gary Vermeulen

Gary got started in the API arena as a software developer a little under 7 years ago, originally a customer, he joined the Layer7 API Management team in 2016 working closely with customers and partners to drive adoption and maximise the value of their investment in Broadcom. Gary lives in London, when the weather permits he enjoys spending time travelling with his partner around the UK and beyond.

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