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Archive for April 2016

InfoQ: REST-y Reader

The API Academy’s Mike Amundsen is regularly asked which books he would recommend for those who want to learn more about designing, implementing and maintaining Web APIs. In this article, Mike offers a shortlist of books he discovered as he was learning about APIs – many of which are still among the books he consults most regularly.

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Dr. Dobb’s: Building Successful Web APIs

The syntax of APIs matter much less than their discoverability and the ease with which developers can figure out how to use them effectively. In this article, Ronnie Mitra of the API Academy discusses the nuts and bolts of designing developer-friendly APIs.

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If They Have to Ask, You Didn’t Afford It

My guess is you are familiar with the phrase “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it”. Well, that’s not what I mean here. Let me show you what I’m actually getting at… If They Have to Ask… Try this: Create a new Web API Get it up and running on some server or other…

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InfoQ: A Web API Design Methodology

Designing Web APIs is more than just URLs, HTTP status codes, headers and payloads. The process of design – what is essentially a “look and feel” for your API – is very important and is well-worth the effort. This article briefly outlines a methodology that results in an API design that takes advantage of both…

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