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How the facebook API led to the Cambridge Analytica Fiascot

By Ronnie Mitra | June 15, 2018

How weak API terms of service, lack of transparency, and permissive API scopes led to the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal from earlier this year was not about a data breach. Nothing was hacked. It was more nuanced than that. Think: permissive API scopes, a lack of awareness about the data being accessed…

Alexa, start the car: IoT in the automotive industry

By Charlotte | October 4, 2017

How APIs fuel the connected car and why security is essential to IoT development From the outside, today’s cars look similar to their counterparts from 10 or even 20 years ago. But on the inside, they have been transformed by technology. Cars have retained their core functionality, but integrated connectivity, sensors, and systems have led…

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