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A Guide to REST and API Design

By Matt McLarty | August 7, 2019

API Academy Learn how to use REST to build developer-friendly, sustainable APIs The Representational State Transfer (REST) architectural style is extremely valuable to organizations that want to create APIs as a way to leverage their existing IT resources in new Web and mobile apps. By applying REST design principles to a protocol, such as HTTP,…

5 Pillars of API Management

By Jaime Ryan | August 7, 2019

API Academy Manage security and performance risks created by opening enterprise systems via APIs Traditional enterprise are blurring, as organizations open their on-premise data and application functionality for use in new internal and external applications. APIs form the foundation of this open enterprise, allowing enterprises to reuse their existing information assets across organizational boundaries. To…

Choosing the Right API Management Solution for the Enterprise User

By Matt McLarty | August 7, 2019

API Academy Address key functional and operational characteristics of an effective API Management solution This white paper examines the different functional and operational requirements for an enterprise-level API Management solution. In doing so, it gives IT managers, Web managers and enterprise architects key information for selecting an API Management solution. The API is undergoing a…

A How-to Guide to OAuth & API Security

By Matt McLarty | August 7, 2019

API Academy Make OAuth implementation simple for your organization OAuth is an emerging Web standard that lets users grant third-party clients restricted access to resources they own. In the past, it was common to ask a user to share username and password information with the client. OAuth authentication is more secure as it allows the…

5 OAuth Essentials for API Access Control

By Mike Amundsen | August 7, 2019

API Academy Create a framework to address the complex challenges associated with implementing OAuth There are a number of important access-related challenges for API publishers. However, deploying OAuth as an authorization mechanism for enterprise APIs raises challenges around scalability, correct usage and integration. To make matters worse, OAuth is not supported by existing infrastructure and…

Protecting Your APIs Against Attack & Hijack

By Ronnie Mitra | August 7, 2019

API Academy Secure enterprise APIs for mobile, cloud and open Web It is a mistake to think we can secure APIs using the same methods and technologies with which we secured the conventional, browser-centric Web. While it is true that APIs share many of the same threats that plague the Web, APIs are fundamentally different…


Tutorial: The New Enterprise Topology

By Matt McLarty | August 6, 2019

Learn how big data and mobile devices are redefining the topology of enterprise IT The three-tier topology popularized by Web applications is changing. Big Data and mobile devices are shifting the borders of enterprise IT and the API has become the new perimeter for organizations, exposing their business and data services for external consumption. This…

Tutorial: Creating a Solid Foundation for Your Web APIs

By Matt McLarty | August 6, 2019

Learn how to create a flexible, agile, reliable and secure foundation for HTTP-based APIs This tutorial video from the API Academy identifies four implementation details (component versus connector; representation service; caching layer; security layer) that are highly useful for creating a flexible, agile, reliable and secure foundation for HTTP-based APIs.

Tutorial: The API Interaction Model – An Introduction

By Matt McLarty | August 6, 2019

Learn about interaction-based API design The interaction model is a foundational design element for API architects. This tutorial video from the API Academy introduces the concept of interaction-based design and provides guidance on how to design an interaction model for an API.

Tutorial: Use Pagination in Web API Design

By Matt McLarty | August 6, 2019

Learn how to use pagination effectively in your Web APIs Pagination, which is very common on the Web, allows API architects to conserve resources, improve response times and optimize the user experience. This tutorial video from the API Academy provides a crash course explaining pagination and outlining how to use it effectively in the design…

Tutorial: API Documentation Overview

By Matt McLarty | August 6, 2019

Learn how to document your API to ensure the best possible results To make sure developers use your API to create apps that add true value to your business, you must provide proper documentation. But where do you start when it comes to creating documentation for an API? This video will give you deeper insight…

Tutorial: 3 Common Web Architecture Styles

By Matt McLarty | August 6, 2019

Learn about different styles for implementing Web solutions There is more than one way to implement a Web solution. This video: Identifies three common styles for the implementation of Web applications Describes the key features of these styles Asks the question “Which style best fits your needs?”


API Descriptions

By Amy Vujanich | May 17, 2017

Listen to Erik Wilde and guest Kin Lane discuss API…

Designing Culture for Microservices Teams

By Ronnie Mitra | March 2, 2017

Don’t underestimate the impact of culture in your architecture Show…

What Exactly is REST?

By Ronnie Mitra | February 7, 2017

Learn how REST is used and find out what’s in…

Should Your APIs be Open?

By Matt McLarty | January 6, 2017

Dive into the pros and cons of implementing open APIs…

Service Landscaping

By Amy Vujanich | December 6, 2016

Learn a technique for managing services in your Web architecture…


By Ronnie Mitra | October 30, 2016

Explore a new query language for APIs Show Notes In…

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