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TechTalk: Enterprise Mobility and BYOD

Smartphones, tablets and the apps they run are revolutionizing the way we work. With the BYOD movement gaining strength in the enterprise, executives and managers cannot afford to ignore the existence of workforce mobility — or the security risks it creates. Matt McLarty and Leif Bildoy of Layer7 discussed how enterprises can realize the opportunities […]

TechTalk: SSO and OAuth Across Mobile Applications Tech Talk Featuring Francois Lascelles

We hosted a live interactive TechTalk on security and Single Sign-On (SSO) for mobile applications. And welcomed back Layer7′s Chief Architect and resident OAuth expert Francois Lascelles. He discussed how to provide SSO for mobile applications, without compromising the security of the apps or the APIs that power them. Francois also took questions throughout the […]

TechTalk: WebSockets featuring Ronnie Mitra

The hype around WebSockets has been steadily increasing over the last two years. As adoption increases, API architects need to understand how they can use the WebSocket protocol to build great APIs for mobile and Web applications. In this TechTalk, Ronnie Mitra — API Architect at Layer7 Technologies — answered questions about: The ins and […]