App Development

SRE vs DevOps for APIs

How do you expand API functionality while also ensuring existing mission-critical features continue to operate under stress? API development teams tend to focus on new features, while operations teams focus on stability. In the past, this difference in focus often led to these teams working at cross-purposes and made API development difficult. In recent years, […]

A Solid Investment – Don’t Skimp on Security Training for Developers

Over the past months in API Academy blogs I’ve provided my observations and recommendations on the importance of event and access logging and the compelling reasons why you want to avoid security misconfigurations. This month, I’ll focus on security training for developers and why you should make this investment.  To remind, I’m a bit of […]

You Bet That APIs Power DevOps Tools

Which came first, APIs or DevOps? Though the two are complementary, the answer here is clear. There are major benefits of DevOps in your API lifecycle, but APIs are likely responsible for the growth in DevOps methodologies. The Cloud, modern code reviews, and continuous integration all depend on APIs. APIs Cause Cloud Formations Plenty has […]

Advice to Developers: Double-check Configurations to Avoid Cybersecurity Pain

Last month in my API Academy blog I provided my observations and recommendations about the importance of logging and monitoring from a cybersecurity perspective. This month, I’ll focus on the importance of avoiding security misconfigurations when building and updating applications. As I noted last month, I’m a bit of an old salt in security, having […]