You Bet That APIs Power DevOps Tools

Which came first, APIs or DevOps? Though the two are complementary, the answer here is clear. There are major benefits of DevOps in your API lifecycle, but APIs are likely responsible for the growth in DevOps methodologies. The Cloud, modern code reviews, and continuous integration all depend on APIs. APIs Cause Cloud Formations Plenty has […]

Advice to Developers: Double-check Configurations to Avoid Cybersecurity Pain

Last month in my API Academy blog I provided my observations and recommendations about the importance of logging and monitoring from a cybersecurity perspective. This month, I’ll focus on the importance of avoiding security misconfigurations when building and updating applications. As I noted last month, I’m a bit of an old salt in security, having […]

Reactive Logic Overview

Reactive logic is your requirements entered as rules for your schema tables and views in Layer7 Live API Creator. These rules can include event rules, validation rules, and derivation rules. Live API Creator shares these rules across all resources that you explicitly define for your API and associates it with the row objects. This automatic […]

How To: Validate Your OAuth Implementation

Is my Layer7 OAuth Toolkit (OTK) installation working? Valid question. Now that you’ve installed OTK on your API Gateway, and have access to OTK-specific policies and assertions in Policy Manager, it’s time to see OAuth in action. The quickest way to do this is through the pre-configured OAuth test clients and OAuth Manager.You can access […]

Microservice Architecture: Aligning Principles, Practices & Culture

Irakli Nadareishvili, Ronnie Mitra, Matt McLarty & Mike Amundsen Design and apply microservices to embrace continual change in the digital economy Microservice architecture is helping organizations embrace continual change. But how do you design and apply microservices effectively? This book from O’Reilly, written by API Academy experts, provides comprehensive guidance through eight chapters that take a deep dive into: […]

How Can You Prove Your Digital You is You?

George Bernard Shaw was witty and fun.  He was famous for being quotable – very much like Oscar Wilde.  One of the quotes I love, and I thought was perfect for this blog: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” In the real world, communication is an illusion.  People talk but they don’t listen.  […]