Modern API Description Formats

For many organizations, the days of undocumented APIs are mostly gone. There are now several formats used to describe APIs. These machine-readable files can be converted into documentation and even be used to test integrations. While there are several formats, the most well-known is OpenAPI. In this article, we’ll provide a highlight of that and […]

API Metrics: How to Measure Your Impact

Along with the business strategy comes the measurements you’ll use to determine success. In this post, we’ll consider three common categories of API metrics: Raw API Usage: Data on calls and users Business Value: An API’s value to your bottom line Innovation and Partnership: Value to longer term business goals Ideally these three areas of […]

Developers Aren’t the Users of Your API

Hang around the API community long enough and you’ll hear about design, developer experience, and ways to appeal to someone integrating with your programming interface. That may lead you to think of developers as the users of your API. While an important audience, developers are a conduit for the actual end users of the software […]

Two Questions Behind Your API Strategy

Over the last 10 years, APIs have become the de facto tool of modern software development. “Let’s build an API for that,” is a natural reaction to a technical problem. While APIs play a key role, many engineering organizations are now overflowing with non-strategic services. Developer confusion might have been limited if those groups had […]

You Bet That APIs Power DevOps Tools

Which came first, APIs or DevOps? Though the two are complementary, the answer here is clear. There are major benefits of DevOps in your API lifecycle, but APIs are likely responsible for the growth in DevOps methodologies. The Cloud, modern code reviews, and continuous integration all depend on APIs. APIs Cause Cloud Formations Plenty has […]