Why Insufficient Logging and Monitoring Can Help Attackers Hide in Plain Sight

I’ve been working in information security for nearly 45 years and started my long journey with punch cards and mainframes leading to today’s cloud and zero-trust. Our world of computing has certainly evolved, and I can’t even recall how many post-security breach investigation teams I’ve been part of or how many cyber incident management teams […]

How To: OTK Solution Kit Installation

This is the second post in the blog series focusing on the OAuth Toolkit (OTK) kit. The first video was a more academic overview of the OAuth protocol and workflow.  This time we take a look at how to install the OTK solution kit, and how the OTK integrates with the API Gateway to provide easy implementation of OAuth security […]

How-To: OAuth Overview

Today we’re going to take a look at the Layer 7 API Management OAuth toolkit or OTK. For most customers, the OTK is not an optional Gateway add-on. It is an essential product used in the API management lifecycle for securing client authorization and authentication. The OTK implements security using a combination of the OAuth […]