The Most Common API Authentication Methods

Unless your API is a public feed of read-only data, you likely need authentication. There are many options you could choose, which may vary depending on your use case. However, it’s unlikely you’ll need to go out and create your own authentication method. Whenever possible, use a standard that is widely implemented. Otherwise, developers will […]

What Are the Different Types of APIs?

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the API types within these two distinctions, as well as a couple of things someone might mean when they say “API.” APIs are integral to all software projects, yet the acronym doesn’t have a singular meaning. Yes, it stands for “Application Programming Interface,” but people use that […]

Three API Governance Patterns and How to Choose One

Most organizations maintain dozens or even hundreds of APIs. Maintaining consistency and avoiding redundancy quickly becomes a major issue. API governance helps organizations declare and adhere to guidelines for new and existing APIs. There are different approaches to encourage conformity in API design, including governance review and automated restrictions. In this post, we’ll explore both […]