Rest Fest 2017: REST Community Service with Erik Wilde

Watch API Academy member Erik Wilde give his talk at REST Fest 2017 on REST best practices. From his presentation: REST is all about designing and deploying services in a global decentralized shared space for information and services. The set of shared concepts used in this landscape is constantly evolving. One slow but important aspect […]

Webinar: How to Generate Real Business Value with Microservices

Overview The Microservices movement has caught fire in enterprise IT. Companies of all sizes are investigating how they can emulate the successes and characteristics of companies like Netflix, Amazon and Gilt. While much of the discussion around Microservices focuses on technological aspects such as containerization and automation, there is also business strategy to consider. View this […]

APIDays London 2016: Service Landscaping with a Purpose

APIDays London 2016 focused on APIs in the Banking and Fintech industry. Managing the rapidly changing landscapes of IT services is a challenging task. Organizations are forced to manage the increasing decentralization and diversity of this landscape to allow service discovery, and to understand the status quo as well as the constant evolution of the […]