Should Your APIs be Open?

Dive into the pros and cons of implementing open APIs Show Notes In the third episode of our new podcast series, Erik Wilde , Mike Amundsen, Matt McLarty and Ronnie Mitra dive into the pros and cons of implementing open APIs—exploring how offering a public API might impact your organization, from a business and strategy […]

Microservices, APIs and Digital Transformation

In the first of this three-part webcast series co-hosted by CA API Management, IDG and the API Academy, author and global technologist Mike Amundsen, our Director of API Architecture, cuts through the hype and identifies the key trends, challenges and pitfalls facing companies of all sizes in the search for microservices at speed, safety and scale. […]

Louisville, Barcelona, APIs, and Racing

I recently had the privilege of participating in two API-related events: the Code PaLOUsa event in Louisville and APIdays Mediterranea in Barcelona. All within just days of each other. It was a great experience. April in Louisville The Louisville Code PaLOUsa event holds a special place in memory for me. It was there, in 2012, that I first began delivering talks […]

API Strategy 301: API-as-a-Product

Learn how positioning your APIs as products can contribute to success across all aspects of an API program In API Strategy Lesson 203: Building Business Value with a Framework for API Success, we outline key areas of focus essential to designing and maintaining an effective API program. In this lesson, we explain how positioning your APIs as […]

API360 Around the World

Get a holistic overview of API strategy, architecture, design and implementation best practices Every day, I’m reading more and more stories about how APIs are being used to disrupt industriesand change the way business is done around the globe. This certainly matches my experience of dealing directly with companies on a daily basis. But, as the API becomes ubiquitous, many of these […]