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How-to: View Rich Analytics for GraphQL APIs and Back-ends Using Euclid

After you publish your API, one of the first questions you may be asked or ask yourself is probably “who is using it?â€, followed quickly by “is it working?â€. Over time you’ll want to see all sorts of data about your API traffic. In the past, you may have spent months updating your endpoints to have a consistent way of capturing these metrics; or perhaps you only had time to collect metrics for new endpoints. Wouldn’t it be awesome to toggle where you want the analytics to be sent and everything just happens automatically?

At Arvata, we have built this exact functionality. Simply select a source to send analytics data to, and we pipe that data out for you. This enables you to visualize API traffic endpoint, error rates, total latency, connector latency, connector success ratios and much more. All of this without having to ever worry about implementation details ever again.