API Security Architect Certification

The new certification course for API Security Architect is now available. This is an in-depth, self-paced course, and by completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the unique security risks of APIs and identify typical areas of API vulnerabilities 
  • Explain the purpose of OAuth 2.0 as a framework for authorization 
  • Describe the current challenges of OAuth 2.0 implementation
  • Describe OpenID Connect as an authentication layer and how it complements OAuth 2.0 
  • Summarize the general specifications of the current OpenID Connect protocol suite
  • Explain how JSON Web Tokens (JWT) work and the advantages and considerations of stateless tokens
  • Summarize common threat models for OAuth 2.0 and some ways to mitigate and overcome them

I invite you to continue on your API journey by becoming certified as an API Security Architect – and don’t forget to share your achievement on LinkedIn to let your colleagues know of your accomplishment!

Bill Oakes, CISSP

Bill Oakes, CISSP

Bill Oakes, CISSP, is head of API Academy, as well as head of product marketing for API management at Broadcom. Bill joined Broadcom with more than fifteen years of experience in security and mobility marketing. In his roll, he is responsible for messaging, positioning, and evangelism of the best API management solution on the market today. Prior to joining Broadcom, Bill was responsible for product marketing for the developer platform at Good Technologies – a secure mobile email company – rolling out the initial positioning, messaging, and strategy of Good’s foray into developer/ISV markets. Prior to Good, Bill held product/solutions marketing positions at Blue Coat Systems, a web security company with real-time defense against malware and web-based threats (now a component of the Symantec Division at Broadcom). Weekends will almost certainly find Bill riding with his Harley club – or possibly teaching people how to teach people to blow bubbles underwater.

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