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How-to: API Management and HTTP/2

As usage of the HTTP/2 protocol becomes more prevalent, it’s clear that your API security solution must be able to handle HTTP/2 traffic. The performance enhancements offered by HTTP/2 make it ideal for high volume network traffic and IOT use cases, and even simpler use cases will reap the benefits. What once seemed like a nice to have protocol to support is now a requirement. Case in point: Apple will soon require HTTP/2 support for push notification requests.

Starting with the newly released version 10, Layer7 API Gateway now supports the HTTP/2 protocol for inbound and outbound data transfers. The Gateway can send and receive HTTP/2 messages, and the new Route via HTTP/2 assertion supports routing messages to a backend HTTP/2 server. You can also configure custom HTTP/2 client configurations in the Policy Manager.

This video shows Layer7 API Gateway 10 HTTP/2 support in action. You’ll see how to create an HTTP/2 connection, accept incoming requests, and send back a response in HTTP/2. You’ll also see how to configure the Gateway to act as a client to call an existing HTTP/2-based service. 
For more information about how to work with this new functionality, see the Layer7 API Gateway documentation.

blog written by Archer Berryman