Choosing the Right API Management Solution for the Enterprise User

API Academy

Address key functional and operational characteristics of an effective API Management solution

This white paper examines the different functional and operational requirements for an enterprise-level API Management solution. In doing so, it gives IT managers, Web managers and enterprise architects key information for selecting an API Management solution.

The API is undergoing a transformation as more and more organizations open their information assets to external developers. Publishing APIs to an external developer community raises a number of questions, including:

  • How do you protect your APIs from abuse or attack?
  • How do you deliver your APIs as reliable services with no downtime?
  • How do you govern access to and usage of your APIs?
  • How do you help developers discover your APIs? How do you make money from your APIs?

Enterprises cannot afford the reputation damage that may result from not answering these questions swiftly and definitively. To do this, an enterprise will need an API Management solution that can address some basic functional areas:

  • Security
  • Lifecycle management
  • Governance
  • Developer enablement and community building
  • Monetization

This solution must also be able to deliver certain operational characteristics relevant to the enterprise’s unique IT experience:

  • Security that meets the enterprise’s specific needs and requirements
  • Manageability tailored to the enterprise’s development styles and process
  • Reliability guaranteed to maintain the level of uptime the enterprise expects