5 Ways to Get Top Mobile App Developer Talent for Your Open APIs

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Grow an ecosystem of visionary developers creating cutting-edge apps

Opening APIs to developers outside your organization can enable the creation of mobile apps that add value to your products and information assets in innovative and often unexpected ways – without you having to invest directly in app development. However, this will only happen if you can grow an ecosystem of visionary developers creating cutting-edge apps that provide consumers with something of real value.

This eBook from CA Technologies provides a detailed overview of five key ways smart enterprises attract and nurture top third-party developer talent.

Daniel Gaudet

Daniel Gaudet

Daniel Gaudet is a veteran solution architect with over 20 years of architecture design experience working with Fortune 1000 organisations recommending, designing and implementing secure and agile enterprise-scale solutions based on best practices and leveraging new and innovative technologies by taking a systems thinking perspective. For the last 5 years as part of the Layer7 API Management team, Daniel has worked with major organisations in designing forward-thinking API management programs as part of their transformational initiatives which leverage the market leading Layer7 API Management suite of products. When home in Saint John NB, Canada, he enjoys spending time with his daughter by attending her tea parties and Make Believe time and supporting his two teenage sons with their extra-curricular activities.

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