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Archive for October 2017

From Platforms to Ecosystems

Distilling patterns and practices from the evolving ecosystem of APIs into recommendations and conventions becomes an essential part of moving from static platforms to constantly evolving ecosystems. Watch Academy member Erik Wilde’s talk at the October 2017 Nordic APIs summit in Stockholm as he describes the importance of finding optimal balance between complete autonomy for each…

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InfoQ: Twelve Patterns for Hypermedia Microservices

Watch Academy Member Mike Amundsen’s talk titled Twelve Patterns for Hypermedia Microservices, delivered October 2017. In this talk, Mike shares how APIs can best evolve over time and client applications that can adapt to those changes without relying on explicit versioning systems.

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Programming the People Platform: Beyond Conway’s Law

Watch Academy member Ronnie Mitra deliver his talk titled Programming the People Platform at the 2017 Nordic APIs Summit this October. In this talk, Ronnie explores the importance of organization and culture in building and architecting teams that can thrive in complex microservices environments.

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Alexa, start the car: IoT in the automotive industry

How APIs fuel the connected car and why security is essential to IoT development From the outside, today’s cars look similar to their counterparts from 10 or even 20 years ago. But on the inside, they have been transformed by technology. Cars have retained their core functionality, but integrated connectivity, sensors, and systems have led…

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