Announcing Our New Podcast Series

Follow the API Academy’s new podcast series.

One of the best things about being in the API Academy is getting to be part of the internal conversations on everything related to APIs. Honest questions are asked, the status quo is challenged and there is a shared effort to gain understanding. I always learn something.

We wanted to bring the Academy conversation experience out to a wider audience, so we are launching a new API Academy podcast series. The goal is to bring the same spirit of open, honest conversation to a wider audience.

Each episode will focus on a specific topic and we plan to publish a new one at the start of each month. We are committing to recording six episodes for now (but if you like what we are doing, we will do more).

In the first episode of the new series, I’m joined by Mike Amundsen and Erik Wilde to discuss GraphQL, a technology invented by Facebook that facilitates communication between a client and a server.

It’s a relatively recent innovation but some well-known companies are already making the shift towards supporting and using it. We investigate how it impacts application design and where it sits relative to existing API design styles.

We hope you enjoy the podcasts much as we have enjoyed creating them!