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Archive for October 2016


Explore a new query language for APIs Show Notes In the first episode of our podcast series, we take a close look at GraphQL―an emerging query language for APIs, which has already been adopted by some high-profile digital enterprises. But is it a good choice for building API-powered apps? And could it even be a replacement…

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A Guide to REST & API Design

CA recently released a new eBook A Guide to REST & API Design that is based (in part) on a talk I gave at the 2012 Code PaLOUsa in Louisville, KY. The approach is a bit atypical for most REST papers or presentations. I decided to focus on some of the broader issues around design in general and then…

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APIDays London 2016: Service Landscaping with a Purpose

APIDays London 2016 focused on APIs in the Banking and Fintech industry. Managing the rapidly changing landscapes of IT services is a challenging task. Organizations are forced to manage the increasing decentralization and diversity of this landscape to allow service discovery, and to understand the status quo as well as the constant evolution of the…

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APIDays London 2016: Balancing Speed and Safety

APIDays London 2016 focused on the impact of APIs in the Banking and Fintech industries. Speeding up IT and business development without sacrificing stability and safety is one of the major challenges faced by many organizations today. The challenge increases with the size of the organization, the requirements for safety, and the rate of change…

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Using APIs to Unlock Business Value

In the second of a three-part webcast series co-hosted by CA API Management, IDG and the API Academy, CA Distinguished Engineer Scott Morrison discusses why APIs are so critical to creating new value streams in your business. See part one and part three here.

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Introducing Microservices to an Organization

In the third and final part of this webcast series co-hosted by CA API Management, IDG and the API Academy, our own VP Matt McLarty provides suggestions on how to navigate the struggles involved in identifying a starting point for one’s journey to microservices. See part one and part two here.

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Microservices, APIs and Digital Transformation

In the first of this three-part webcast series co-hosted by CA API Management, IDG and the API Academy, author and global technologist Mike Amundsen, our Director of API Architecture, cuts through the hype and identifies the key trends, challenges and pitfalls facing companies of all sizes in the search for microservices at speed, safety and scale.…

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