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Archive for September 2016

The View from #API360

It was my great pleasure to join our inaugural #api360 event in Washington, DC, Sept 12.  The Newseum was an ideal venue, offering a stunning cityscape view including the Capitol building and, of course, the Canadian Embassy.  The day kicked off with Gray Brooks of 18F giving an insider’s view of the widespread API activities taking place in…

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DFTW – Decoupled for the Win

Decouple your service and avoid fatal dependencies It doesn’t matter if your service is “micro” or “oriented”, if it’s tightly coupled – especially if your service is on the Web – you’re going to be stuck nursing your service (and all it’s consumer apps) through lots of pain every time each little change happens (e.g. addresses, operations, arguments, process-flow). And that’s just needless pain. Needless for you and…

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REST Fest 2016 Keynote: Deconstructing the Web

One of REST’s constraints is that of a uniform interface. The main idea of the uniform interface is that it allows components to interact without prior knowledge of each other. Web Architecture is a great example of how a uniform interface creates a large and dynamic ecosystem of interacting components. This talks presents an overview…

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API Management 302: Using an API Gateway in Microservice Architecture

Get to grips with the specifics of deploying an API gateway in a microservice architecture In  Lesson 304: API Design for Microservices, we describe the essential role APIs play in microservice architectures. In Lesson 101: API Management Basics, we explain why an API gateway is essential to ensuring API security, usability, scalability and reliability. Here, we focus on…

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