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Archive for June 2016

API360 Microservices Summit: Microservices Implementation Lessons

This panel discussion from the API Academy’s API360 Microservices Summit in New York, June 2016, shares insights on effective practices for implementing and benefiting from a microservice architecture. The panelists are Erich Ess (, Sangeeta Narayanan (Netflix), Cassandra Shum (Thoughtworks) and Adrian Trenaman (HBC Digital). The moderator is Lou Powell of Vanick Digital.

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API Design 304: API Design for Microservices

Learn some best practices for designing APIs that will function optimally in microservice architectures Microservice architecture is helping an increasing number of organizations to minimize the time required for software application projects and to maximize the reliability of backend systems. In this lesson, we explain why APIs are essential to microservices and provide some best practices…

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API360 Microservices Summit: Welcome & Introduction

Matt McLarty’s introductory talk from the API360 Summit in New York, June 2016 compares the field of software engineering to the transportation industry at the start of the 20th century, likening microservices and Docker to the introduction of the automobile and the assembly line, respectively.

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