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Archive for March 2016

InfoQ: Description, Discovery & Profiles – A Primer

Take a look at the key opportunities and challenges in the API description/discovery/profiles space Kicking off InfoQ’s The Next Level in Web APIs series, Mike Amundsen takes a look at key formats and vendors in the API description/discovery/profiles space then identifies the opportunities and challenges in this fast-moving portion of the Web API field.

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Tutorial: Handle Errors on the Web

Learn about the right and wrong ways for Web applications to handle errors All applications need to report and handle errors. Doing this on the Web requires dealing with both protocol-level and application-level information. This video shows both the “right” and the “wrong” way to handle errors on the Web.

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A Hypermedia Hero’s Tale

In this presentation, recorded at APIdays Mediterranea, Mike Amundsen of the API Academy takes the audience on a journey that reminds us all of both the challenges and the wonder of computing in the information age and—in the end—encourages us all to embark on our own hero’s journey.

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