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Every day, I’m reading more and more stories about how APIs are being used to disrupt industriesand change the way business is done around the globe. This certainly matches my experience of dealing directly with companies on a daily basis. But, as the API becomes ubiquitous, many of these companies are actually finding it ever harder to determine how they can start reaping the benefits of APIs.

That’s why the API Academy launched its “API360” concept in 2014. As a meme, API360 signifies a holistic approach to API strategy, architecture, design and implementation. To realize this approach, we hosted an API360 Summit series with events in Washington DC, London and Dallas. These events covered the spectrum of API program activity through the voices of industry and technology leaders.

For those of you who missed out on the excitement of these events, we recently posted the following videos of presentations our own API Academy team members made at the Dallas Summit:

In addition to the API360 Summit series, we introduced the API360 model in early 2015. This model provides a framework for companies to evaluate their API opportunities, understand the best approaches towards getting started with APIs and adopt principles that will empower them to future-proof their API solutions.

Want to know more? Well, for starters, the API360 model is defined in a new eBook from CA. Furthermore, I’ll be conducting a webinar on the subject next Wednesday. I hope you can join me!

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