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Archive for August 2015

API Management 201: API Security

Identify typical areas of API vulnerability and learn best practices for securing APIs In Lesson 103: Choosing a Solution, we discuss the importance of considering functional and operational security characteristics when choosing an API Management solution. Regardless of the solution, understanding the risk profile of APIs is vital to protecting an API against attack. In this…

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API Design 303: Pagination

Minimize response times for requests and improve the app-user experience Pagination is a ubiquitous method for handling large datasets and responses in the browser-based Web but developers of API-based apps also turn to pagination in order to minimize response times for requests and generally improve the end-user experience. In this lesson, we will explore some…

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API Strategy 202: How to Drive Business Value Through APIs

Discover five ways you can bring value to your business through APIs In Lesson 102: The Business Value of APIs, we provided an overview of the key business drivers behind API programs. In this lesson, we take a deeper dive into five ways you can bring value to your business through APIs. Specifically, this lesson explores…

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