Coordinating a Well-Rounded API Program

Creating a well-rounded API program requires coordination between stakeholders with different frames of reference

The API Academy is committed to promoting a 360-degree approach to APIs – one that encompasses business strategy, interface design and long-term management. This approach doesn’t simply reflect the interests of the Academy’s experts or the range of services they offer. The fact is companies that want their API programs to generate real business value need to take a well-rounded approach from day one.

In a sense, this means that a smart company will give a suitable amount of attention to each aspect of its API program because – for example – the company’s strategy will only succeed if the interface itself is well-designed and this interface will only prove to be secure and scalable over the long term if is well-managed. But it’s not simply a matter of all the elements working well individually – they must also be coordinated to work together in a complementary manner.

So, for instance, a well-architected API will only actually benefit the program if it is designed to facilitate the company’s specific business objectives. Furthermore, an API strategy will have the best chance of succeeding if it is designed with the organization’s specific technical resources and limitations in mind. Clearly, this requires a great deal of coordination between various stakeholders with very different frames of reference.

To help organizations build truly well-rounded – i.e. highly-coordinated – API programs, we’ve teamed up with CA Technologies to write an eBook titled API Strategy & Architecture: A Coordinated Approach. This eBook takes an in-depth look at how line-of-business and technical stakeholders can work together to plan strategies and design APIs and API infrastructure that create real value for the whole company.

Read the eBook – API Strategy & Design: A Coordinated Approach

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