TechTalk: Caching and API Optimization: Featuring Sr Tactical Developer Geoff Duck

Caching and API Optimization: Tech Talk Tuesday Ep.3 feat. Sr Tactical Developer Geoff Duck – YouTube

During this interactive one-hour event we discussed how open API publishers can optimize the delivery and performance of their APIs using techniques like caching.

Geoff Duck

Geoff Duck

Geoff has a long background in development and customer work. With contributions to the original Eclipse project, Geoff has been immersed in development and APIs since 2001. Part of the original Layer 7 team, Geoff has been working as a pre-sales architect since 2012 helping customers succeed with their API security and API management implementations. Hailing from Kelowna British Columbia Canada, Geoff enjoys outdoor mountain sports including downhill mountain biking, snowboarding and banked slalom racing, skateboarding and trail running.

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